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What’s an online MBA worth in the workforce?


An online MBA program is the best option for professionals looking to upskill while holding on to their current job. It is a feasible mode of learning that helps you design your own schedule without having to worry about commuting to college or attending classes for long hours.

While the benefit of learning an online MBA program are many, students are often uncertain of its usefulness in the workplace. If you are wondering whether an online MBA will be of any benefit in helping you climb the ladder of success, then you can put your worries to rest. 

Not only is this online degree of great value but it is also recognized by employers around the world. Several other reasons contribute to the popularity of online MBA and why it remains a preferred option for students despite continuous changes in the work landscape. 

Value of online MBA at the workplace 

As per a survey conducted by U.S. News & World Report, around 91% of students who are doing an online MBA also hold job profiles. The reason they opt for an online degree is because it is easier to balance a regular job with studies. Business students are also able to progress in their career with this online degree where they either get promoted or are able to apply for senior job positions 

The 2020 salary survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that MBA graduates earn $77,298 in comparison to bachelor’s graduates whose salary is $57,939.

An online MBA is by no means any different from its on-campus version. You will enjoy the same learning in the online classroom where the classes are highly interactive. Online discussion forums also provide a great opportunity to network with students around the world and add to the experience of an online MBA. 

Accepted by employers 

The 2020 pandemic brought a lot of changes to the educational landscape where traditional learning had to be substituted by online learning. Even currently, many international students and even institutes are being cautious and keeping online degrees as a more conducive option. 

Though, even before the pandemic, the online MBA was highly popular simply because working professionals opted for online learning. It brought them career advancement and also boosted their salary potential. Most importantly, it allowed them to achieve their goals without hindering work-life balance. 

Since the online degree was so popular and favoured by everyone, even employers have always been open to online MBA. Every employer or recruiter understands the business landscape and knows that a full-time job does not go well with on-campus learning. They are rather focused on the training that you have received during your MBA classes and if you can apply that at work, then you become a desirable candidate for them. 

Personal development 

A key reason why an online MBA is tremendously impactful is that it showcases a jest for learning and building new skills. An organization or an employer is keener to hire a candidate who has the zeal to learn and grow ahead. 

Such professionals who are focused on their personal development and look for new avenues to add to their expertise are always the first choice of every employer. 

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