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What Must You Know About 1 -Carat And 2-Carat Diamonds?


Two-carat diamonds provide a dazzling shine that captivates onlookers. They sit conspicuously on her finger and serve to attract attention to her. She proudly shows off her priceless diamond to her loved ones, and then you get to watch in awe as everyone else gawks. However, you may be surprised at how much a diamond of even 2 carats actually costs whenever the time comes to make a purchase. Careful: the monetary worth of a two-carat diamond is typically more than that of a one-carat diamond. If you are among the potential Diamond buyers, then you must know about the carat. 

If a one-carat diamond goes for around $4,000, then a two-carat stone should go for around $8,000, right? Diamonds, alas, don’t have a pricing system like this.

Do not neglect to include the fourth “C,” which denotes the carat weight, in the original explanation. The value of a precious stone, like a diamond, is significantly affected by its carat weight. A diamond’s value rises in step with its size and carat weight because of the latter’s extreme rarity. This is because it is far more difficult to find raw materials ideal for cutting into a beautiful 2-carat stone than it is to find material suitable for making smaller diamonds that are the same weight and size.

Due to the complexity of the factors that determine diamond prices, they are not always straightforward. It is reasonable to assume that a 1-carat diamond, which costs $4,000, will cost $8,000. A 2-carat diamond will likely cost $12,000. However, as was previously said, a diamond’s rarity increases as its carat weight increases. In general, the higher the carat weight of a stone, the higher its price. To choose the greatest diamond supplier, look for that company online.

The weight of a diamond is a reliable indicator of its size, but when purchasing an engagement ring, the consumer only sees the small section of the diamond that protrudes beyond the setting. Given two identically cut and polished diamonds of an equal carat weight and clarity, the larger of the two should be deemed the more attractive of the two since it will appear larger to the human sight.

Color or clarity? Which do you value more?

Making tiny sacrifices in order to maximise the parameters that will be most important to you is the name of the game while shopping for a diamond. It’s up to the individual shopper to decide if they want to spend their money on the largest diamond available or the greatest quality stone available (or something in between). Keep in mind that dropping down a color grade will save you more money than dropping down a clarity grade. This is important to think about before diving into the analysis of alternatives. Above a certain point, even a magnifying lens or diamond of a much higher grade cannot detect the difference between a flawless and an incredibly good stone. In general, we advise beginning your search at I colour and VS2 clarity, keeping tabs on how the market is shaping up for better or worse colors and clarity grades, and asking for videos and images of each diamond you’re interested in purchasing. The Diamonds in Pawn Jewellery are of the highest quality as they also are the top Diamond buyers. 

One-carat oval diamonds are readily available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them a popular choice for engagement rings. One-carat diamonds are cut to industry standards, and the market for them is quite competitive; as a result, there is always a great deal of variety when it comes to finding oval diamonds that weigh exactly one carat.

To tell the truth, a 2-carat oval diamond is an entirely different matter. Due to their rarity, large diamonds are becoming increasingly rare. This is because it is extremely difficult to find diamond rough that is both large enough and of high enough quality to allow for the creation of a combined, superb diamond throughout the cutting operation.

The biggest disparity in value will be between a 1-carat and 2-carat oval diamond when all other factors are equal. Since diamonds are sold by carat, with a greater increase in price for each additional carat, this is always the case. As a general rule, if you double a diamond’s carat weight, you may expect to pay three times as much for it, and possibly more.

There are always compromises to be made when purchasing a diamond, and the choices you pick will depend on your goals and your budget. A natural 1-carat oval diamond with D colour and VVS2 clarity, for instance, can fetch a price of roughly $6,500. To acquire the same carat weight for the same price, one would have to settle for a lower quality diamond (M colour, SI1 clarity) and get rid of any internal or external colouring. Consider Pawn Jewellery if you want to get a high-quality diamond. You must know about these things as Diamond buyers. 

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