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What is a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike Used For? Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike


If If you are a beginner looking for the best full-suspension mountain bike to buy, then you should know the advantages and the uses of this type of bike. There are many uses for this type of bike. We will discuss the uses of full suspension bikes in this article and how to choose the right mountain bike for you. We have listed all the information about this bike below. Take a look. 

Mountain bikes with full suspension have the following advantages:

  • Rugged terrain is faster 
  • Downhills are faster
  • Cornering skills are better
  • Lower back is easy to use
  • Comfier
  • Rough terrain is faster

Full suspension bikes allow you to ride faster on rough terrain because the rear suspension absorbs the shocks resulting from bumping into tree roots, rocks, and other rough surfaces. This allows the rear wheel to remain in contact with the ground. 

  • Faster downhill 

Due to the shock-absorbing rear suspension and the fact that the rear wheel will not bounce off the ground, this MTB bike is faster in descending rough terrain. As a result, you will make your riders feel more stable and capable of holding a higher speed than a hardtail. As suspension travels over tree roots, rocks, and branches, you need this. 

  • Better at Cornering

In With a fully-suspension bike, you will get a more aggressive line when cornering, and this is only available in full-suspension bikes. Hardtail bikes lack the aggressive lines, which is why most riders use them for enduro and downhill mountain biking. 

  • Easy on Your Lower Back

Taking the shocks away from your knees, ankles, and back can reduce knee, ankle, and back injuries. This is not possible with any other bike. 

  • More Comfortable

You can only find off-road riding and rear suspension on a full-suspension mountain bike. There are plenty of full suspension mountain bikes under $1,000 that have all of these great features. 

Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

  1. Blues Hurt CC X01 AXS RSV Santa Cruz
  2. The Scott Spark Team Issues AXS
  3. Race YT Izzo
  4. Epic Evo Specialist

1. Blur CC X01 AXS RSV from Santa Cruz

The bike has 100mm/100mm front and rear travel, has CC Carbon frame materials, SRAM X01 Eagle AXS group, 29-inch wheels, and costs $10,149 /  £8,099. This is the best full suspension bike under 2000

The Pros and Cons of Santa Cruz Blur CC are:-

  • The bike frame is light, making it one of the best full suspension mountain bikes under 2000 dollars.
  • Its suspension has been completely reworked. 
  • You will receive a lifetime warranty on the wheels. 
  • The bike is super lightweight but has a controlled racing spec. 
  • There is a wheel pack that is the best. 
  • You’ll get wireless shifting. 

2. Scott Spark Team Issue AXS

The front and rear travel are 120mm / 120mm, its frame construction is Carbon, the groupset is SRAM GX Eagle AXS, the wheel size is 29 inches and the price is $5,499.99 / £4,599. 

Pros and Cons of Scott Spark Team Issue AXS are:-

  • This bike has a sorted high-speed suspension. 
  • You will get the remote suspension lockout front and rear. 
  • There is sweetly balanced and adjustable handling. 
  • There are clean internal shock aesthetics. 
  • The bike has a tight tracking frame and fork
  • You will get the wireless gears. 
  • It has big-volume tires and rims. 
  • You will get the best spec value. 
  • Lastly, it has competitive weights. 
  • The cons of this bike are that most riders want a dropper, you have to regularly check the press-fit bottom bracket, and there is no light spark frame. 

3. YT Izzo Pro Race

The front and rear travel of this bike are 130mm/ 130mm, frame materials are carbon, its groupset is SRAM X01 Eagle, the wheel size is 29 inches and the price is $5,599 / £4,999. 

Pros and Cons of YT Izzo Pro Race are:-

  • It has a great value, lightweight, and balanced handling. 
  • This bike has been outfitted with the SRAM X01 Eagle, the 12-speed drivetrain, and SRAM G2 brakes. 
  • You will get the DT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline wheels wrapped in Maxxis tires. 
  • The cons of this bike are its fork flex, stock adjustment is limited, and climbing-oriented cockpit. 

4. Specialized Epic Evo Expert

The front and rear travel are 120mm / 120mm, its frame material is Carbon, the groupset is Shimano X01 Eagle, the wheel size is 29 inches and the price of this bike is $5,520 / £6,750. 

Pros and Cons of Specialized Epic Evo Expert

  • A light frame weight characterizes this bike. 
  • Steering with confidence and impressive stiffness. 
  • A fantastic suspension system is available with it. 
  • The suspension tune is great, and the kit choice is smart.
  • This bike’s cons are the tall seat tube and limited upsizing. 
  • The best full suspension mountain bike under $1000 has a control that hits the top tube. 
  • The freehub engagement is slow, and the comp version offers better value, and SWAT downtube storage is not available. 


In As mentioned above, we have discussed the subject of “What is a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike?” We hope that all the details mentioned above will be productive and satisfactory for you and make you choose the best one and enjoy your ride.

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