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Types of Engagement Diamond rings and their pros and cons


Engagement and Diamonds go hand in hand, because we cannot imagine an engagement without a diamond ring. Together they make up an Engagement Diamond ring which seems to have become a very popular choice of ring lately for new couples. Diamond rings are available in many colours, shapes, cut types, etc. Getting a perfect ring needs a lot of factors to come together.

A piece of Diamond may have a great cut but the choice of complementary material that surrounds it may not be great. In another case, the carat quality of the Diamond may disappoint. It is indeed very tough to assemble a well crafted Engagement Diamond ring as all types have their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the different types of Diamond ring along with their pros and cons. 

Types of ring setting and their pros and cons


In this type of setting, a single piece of Diamond is held in its place by 3 to 6 finger-like structures. 


This setting is one of the most common and successful styles preferred. The setting style is a very affordable option. The Diamond vets more exposure in the night or in the dark and sparkling diamonds are used in these rings. 


In this setup, the ring is elevated from the band, and that might make it prone to more rubbing and hitting against various objects. To keep it protected, you must choose a ring with well-crafted diamond.


This type of engagement Diamond ring has a Diamond in the centre that is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. There can be one or more such circles. 


This type of setup gets you a shinier and larger appearing Diamond setup with an affordable price tag. 


A low sitting halo may not fit well or look good on the ring. 


In this setup of engagement Diamond ring, the ring comes with a pavement like a setup on either side of the Diamond. 


The appearance of the ring is very nice. The paving can be added later to rings to mark a special occasion. 


These rings cannot be resized easily and may also need more maintenance and cleaning visits to the jeweller. 


This type of engagement Diamond ring boasts of a Diamond in the centre accompanied by two smaller Diamonds or other precious metal on the sides. 


These rings let you be more creative as you can add any gemstone you wish to or even have more diamonds on it. 


The side Diamonds may or may not complement the centre Diamond. All diamonds might not go well together, or the centre diamond may appear smaller than it is. 


An engagement Diamond ring that features a Bezel setup will have a Diamond covered on borders by the band. The sides can be said to be a box-like structure that holds the object in its place. 


The Diamond is very safe, and the design is plain and simple. People usally design their rings in this structure with their astrological diamonds. 


The Bezel covers the sides of the Diamond and so your money might be going to waste. 

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The Bottom Line 

Engagement rings can further be classified into different styles, and those types will have their own pros and cons. In the end, it all comes down to the buyer as to what they wish to buy. Finger size, complexion, choice of Diamond, etc., can play an important in deciding what kind of ring one should opt for or will suit them. 

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