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Types of Education


Education builds the future. It develops critical thinking skills and allows people to acquire basic knowledge. Many essential skills for daily living are also learned through a variety of types of education, and people learn about judgment, reasoning and how to make good choices. In short, education is critical to building a society where everyone contributes and has opportunities for growth.

Types of Education

There are more education options available now than ever before. These can fit any skill set or schedule and many different life circumstances.

Formal Education

Formal education is often known as traditional learning. This most often takes place on the premises of a school, confers basic or advanced academic knowledge, and is learned and taught in a formal manner. It includes elementary, middle, high schools, and universities with accredited degree programs. Education is planned in advance and is often regulated by a governing body.

It also includes trade schools where education is planned, grades are given, and a certificate is earned that leads to better pay or job prospects.

Informal Education

This type of education is when people obtain knowledge outside of school and without a particular learning method. This is not a planned or necessarily deliberate type of education. You may learn from books read, instructional video, working alongside someone, or just from experiencing life.

It is a natural lifelong process.

Non-formal Education

Non-formal education can include programs like Boy Scouts, fitness programs, free language classes or adult education. It is planned and deliberate and can consist of things like home school programs. The setting and curriculum are more flexible than formal educational settings.

Online Learning 

One benefit of today’s technology is that you can access both formal and non-formal education from the comfort of your home. If you are thinking about getting an education but are not sure about this method of learning, consider some of the benefits of online learning.

1. Online education can be a good option because there are many budget friendly online schools. In addition, online platforms are often less expensive because they don’t have the same kinds of electricity, water, and building maintenance fees to pay as a university with a campus to maintain. The cost savings go directly to the students.

2. Another great advantage is that the education obtained online can be just as good as any other type of education. Look for an accredited program, which is required to follow the same curriculum as more formal institutions. You don’t need to worry that you aren’t going to obtain the same learning plan as people who go on campus.

3. Online learning is also very versatile. There are many methods of online learning and many different options, from non-formal education to formal education. Language classes and tutoring, how-to courses, and more are all available in online formats.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that education is an integral part of life. Online learning is a significant opportunity for many people to obtain an education. The internet is bringing education to more people around the world every single day.

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