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Top Tips to Improve Your Oral Hygiene and Health


Oral care is one of the most important daily routines a lot of people eventually get wrong. Those little mistakes end up costing your teeth a lot. Oral hygiene should always be taken seriously. From how often and the way you brush your teeth to all the other dietary intakes, everything matters. Oral health is directly dependent on the hygiene routine. It is very important to take care of your teeth in the best way possible. Taking good care of your teeth hygiene will help keep dentist visits minimum as well.

Soft-Bristled Toothbrushes Are Best for Oral Hygiene

It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months or sooner if possible. Also, a hard toothbrush can be very abrasive and damaging over long-time usage. They might make your teeth and gums feel cleaner. But they can be damaging. Also, make sure to brush not too vigorously as well. Use short circular motions while brushing the teeth and gums with gentle force.

Don’t Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Morning Juice

If you are someone who starts the morning with a healthy orange juice, good on you. However, the only trouble is that you should not brush your teeth immediately after a glass of fresh juice. Drinks with low pH are also known as acidic drinks, soften teeth enamel temporarily. So, if you brush your teeth right after, all that brushing can get some of it off. Also, keep doing it as your daily oral hygiene routine and it will take a lot of the enamel off. Tooth decay can happen as a result. You might need to visit a dentist to get dental crowns treatment too.

Begin Your Brushing from the Back Teeth

Do you start brushing your teeth from the front? If you do, don’t. A much better habit is to start brushing the teeth from the back of the jaw. Research has proven that we brush your teeth with more attention right at the start. Most people tend to be come casual as the brushing progresses. Starting teeth brushing from the back sometimes gives those teeth at the back attention they need. This helps clear the plaque build up on the back teeth as well.

Add Mouthwash to Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you brush your teeth twice a day and also floss, it is easy to think the job is done. These are all good routines. However, you need something in the middle as well. Especially, after those meals, you’d want to use a mouthwash. Fluoride mouthwashes are the best when it comes to removing all those food particles. It also kills more bacteria keeping your oral hygiene tip top. Use mouthwash at least once during the day after a big meal.

Brushing Teeth Is Good but Don’t Overdo It

Some people become too paranoid about their oral care. Twice a day, once before going to bed and once after getting up is great. Also, you can ideally brush your teeth after every meal. However, don’t go beyond that. Overdoing your teeth brushing can damage the gums. It can also scrape off teeth’ enamel. Rinse with plain water or with some mild mouthwash instead. Doing things right and as often as is required can make your teeth last much longer. Oral hygiene is also about prolonging the life of your original teeth.

Cut Down on Sugary Drinks as Much as You Can

Sugary drinks are simply bad in so many ways. From adding all those calories to your body to oral health, sugary drinks do it all. Sodas, tea, coffee, and even cream can be the worst. Also, make sure to cut down on the times you will have these drinks each day. The more times you have sugary drinks, the worst for your teeth and gum health will be. Sugar starch gets stuck inside the teeth and in the gums. This gives way to bacteria forming which is very bad for oral hygiene. Cut down on these high calory drinks to keep your body better conditioned as well.

Teeth Whitening Foods You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever heard about teeth whitening foods? Yes! You read it right. Teeth whitening foods are real. Some foods maintain that pearly whiteness in your teeth. These are fibrous, raw foods. Cucumbers, celery, pears, apples, lettuce, and carrots in particular. These organics help scrub your teeth surfaces and help remove all that plaque you didn’t even know was there. This plaque is what brings that yellowness. Also, yellow teeth are smile confidence destroyers. You need to keep your teeth white in order to smile better. Also, most often dental visits are for teeth whitening. Avoid that and use these foods instead.

Deep Clean Your Toothbrush and Its Holder Often

Do you have a habit of cleaning your toothbrush often? Do focus on your toothbrush holder as well. Because toothbrushes carry some water with them to the holder, they can build up over time. Stagnant water gives way to all that you don’t want near your toothbrush. So, it is important to clean your toothbrush including its bottom bit as well. Wash the body of the toothbrush with hand soap if you can. Also, wash your toothbrush holder as often as possible. It is also a good idea to get a holder with some kind of a small hole or holes at the bottom to let all that water out.

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