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Top 5 MDM implementation companies in the US


With huge volumes of data being exchanged on a daily basis, organizations have come to realise the importance of a systematic method for data management. This is where master data management comes in handy. Master Data Management or MDM serves as a one-stop solution for all data needs of a business. By bringing together data from across all internal and external platforms, MDM creates a single master record for a firm and prevents data inconsistencies. 

However, given the plethora of options for MDM implementation today, partnering with a suitable MDM service provider can be challenging. Therefore, we compiled a list of the top 5 MDM solution providers in the US today to make this easier for you, keep reading!

  1. Amazon Web Services

A highly profitable subsidiary of, AWS or Amazon Web Services provides best-in-class data management services via its cloud computing solutions. AWS offers about 70+ services, including database, networking, applications, mobile management, IoT, and more. It allows users to pay only for what they use and provides an on-demand computational platform by leveraging its cloud computing technology. The AWS cloud network has a large global footprint and is well-connected across the globe to provide a seamless user experience. 

2. Oracle

A market leader in Database management services, Oracle is well-known among users for its easy-to-use interface and setup. It offers a variety of data management products, including Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Its Autonomous Database is known to be the world’s first self-driving database. 

In 2020, Oracle ranked third on the Forbes list of The World’s Biggest Public Companies, Software/Programming. The American Multinational offers a complete technological transformation experience. It designs, manufactures, and sells both hardware and software products while also providing services like training and consulting to complement them. 

3. Mastech InfoTrellis

Popularly known as the Data Experts, Mastech InfoTrellis is a digital IT transformation service offering best-in-class Master Data Management services to clients globally. Their data advisory solutions help companies analyse their existing data collection and storage methods and upgrade to a robust centralized data management strategy. 

Their industry-focused MDM implementation solutions help them cater to a diverse base of clients across various verticals such as banking, insurance, healthcare, transportation, telecom, and more. Furthermore, it also helps organisations reduce cost, improve revenue, alleviate risk, and execute projects with trusted data that powers crucial business decisions and produces positive outcomes.  

4. Cloudera

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in California, Cloudera has made a name for itself by offering exceptional Master Data Management services. Its comprehensive data engineering tools help companies automate, troubleshoot, monitor, and streamline their business functions to maximize efficiency and drive profits.

Facilitating end-to-end supply chain visibility and security, Cloudera’s data management services enable clients to work on hybrid cloud platforms. Its advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to gain real-time insights and manage risks effectively. 


Founded in 1997, TIBCO Software Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has offices across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa. Its intelligent MDM solution creates a single place for all domains, including customers, suppliers, employees, assets, accounts, and more. 

Unifying data for greater accessibility, TIBCO’s data management solution presents a scalable solution. In addition to MDM, TIBCO also provides Data Virtualization, Complex Event Processing software, and messaging software. 


A suitable MDM solution not only helps you save on considerable costs in terms of time and resources but can also help you implement a successful data-driven strategy for business growth. Make sure you research your options carefully and select the one that complements your business needs. 

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