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Now-a-days most of the developers, data analysts, and even beginners are using python to learn. Python is a simple and easy language to learn and explore. The people who are about to start their career in programming then it is quite simple for anyone to get started with this Python language. Infact, Python is used to develop both frontend and backend as well. Backend which is developed using python would be great as compared to others. If you are interested in Python, you can join Python Training and improve your knowledge in it. By using python, mathematical computations will be finished in a short span compared to other programming languages. 

Python programs can be executed using python IDEs and some other code editors. Let’s look into the top 10 IDEs and Code Editors used by Python below:

  1. PyCharm (IDE)
  2. Wing (IDE)
  3. Jupyter Notebook (IDE)
  4. Python Idle (IDE)
  5. Spyder (IDE)
  6. Pydev (IDE)
  7. Atom (CE)
  8. Visual Studio Code (CE)
  9. Sublime Text (CE)
  10. Vim (CE)
  • PyCharm (IDE)

PyCharm is an IDE which has integrated inbuilt tools present in it which is mostly used by the many developers for Python development, web development, and also used for data analytics and data science. It is generally used for the execution of programming languages especially python, java and PyCharm is introduced by the Czech company JetBrains. It mostly focuses on the resources that are used for the programming side which is used to complete the complex tasks in a short period of time. Infact, PyCharm is a free open source which is available to all the people even for the new beginners who can use it. Also, PyCharm professional is available that has many advanced benefits as compared to this normal PyCharm but for the freshers PyCharm is a boon with no cost.

  • Wing (IDE)

Wing is the Python IDE which is used by the beginners also to make sure that the beginners get an experience like the professionals. Wing is mostly called an intelligent editor because it is used to increase the execution speed of the provided program or code. Also, the errors will be detected in a simple way by providing automatic editing for the codes. It can be used as an emulator for Visual Studio Code, XCode, Eclipse, and many more. The debugging feature present in the Wing is very good compared to others. The codes written in this IDE are more customizable and also extensible. It is mostly used for web development, gaming, data science, and etc. Even many of the reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel, and many more companies are using this Wing IDE for writing and executing python codes.

  • Jupyter Notebook (IDE)

Jupyter Notebook IDE is used to solve the computational problems that are given. It is used to create and share the documents that are computed in it. Jupyter Notebook  supports more than 40 programming languages like R, Scala, Python, and many more. It is used to present the information that is being given by the user. Infact, it can be used by anyone in any operating system and works without the internet when the code execution is done. It is generally used to code and visualize the code and the output in an attractive manner.

  • Python Idle (IDE)

Python Idle is one of the IDEs used for the execution of python codes. It also acts as a code editor sometimes which is used for the code writing and code execution in it. There are various benefits that are present in the Idle like identifying the errors present automatically which increases the speed of execution of the program written by the user. Even the complex programs in the python can also be executed in this Idle for testing and the error identification in a simple manner. Infact, Idle is very simple to use compared to other IDEs.

  • Spyder (IDE)

Spyder is one of the IDEs used for the execution of python programs. It is an open source which is used for the python code execution and available for everyone at free of cost. It is also used by data scientists, developers, even beginners too. It can also be used for many different kinds of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and many more. It is generally used to solve scientific computations by using python programming language. It has several features that users will fall in love with. Compared to some other IDEs, Spyder is somewhat faster among them.

  • Pydev (IDE)

Pydev is an IDE which is developed using the Eclipse software. It is an IDE used for python programming especially for the debugging of the codes, analysis of the code, and etc. It also proved that it provides better support to the users in order to solve their issues present in the environment. Pydev is also used for the development of Django, automatic completion of code, hints also provided, debugging, and many more features are available in it. Generally, it is used to create the backend of an application or a website by using the python programming language. Pydev is free but when you use visual studio code as a code editor then it charges $40 after the completion of 1 month free trial.

  • Atom (CE)

Atom is also one of the IDEs which is an open source and also available free for all the users. It is a code editor which is used in many operating systems like windows, linux, mac, and many more. This Atom is made by Github which is used to solve web based problems. The size of the Atom varies from 85MB to 180MB. It is generally used for the highly customized codes to solve and explore them. It is especially made only for the beginners to make them upgrade and become a very good developer.

  • Visual Studio Code (CE)

Visual Studio Code is the code editor which is used to build and debug the new web and cloud based applications. It is also used for many of the operating systems such as windows, mac, linux, and etc. It can use simple debugging of the given code in a more effective manner compared to others. It is also a free open source available for every user and the programs written here can be executed anywhere. It is used to make the code written by you in an understandable manner using its debugging feature. It is used for many programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and many more.

  • Sublime Text (CE)

Sublime Text is one of the text editors used for the execution of not only python but also for other programming languages for free in the starting which is available to everyone. After the completion of your trail, you have to buy a license which is required for it to further use. This is mostly used by the developers for developing their codes using it and checking the errors using debugging.

  • Vim (CE)

Vim is also an open source which is available for free for everyone and based on the screen of the user. It became popular with the Unix code execution and available for different versions of windows, mac, linux, and etc. It is quite similar to the VI editor but different from each other. Most of the developers are using this text editor these days to develop their codes for their applications.


In this blog, we have seen the Top 10 best IDEs and Text Editors used for Python in 2022. With the help of these, we can easily execute the codes written by us and debug them in a simple manner. Most of these are available for free and are open sources available for everyone.

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