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The Role of Public Relations in Law


Pearl Lemon PR is a multi-award-winning PR agency that offers its services to any team in any niche. 

What is Legal PR?

Legal PR refers to managing the reputation of a client, whether said client is an individual or an organization. The PR team handles everything. Litigation PR falls under legal PR. The PR agency is in charge of dealing with tasks before a claim has been issued and anything that occurs during court procession. 

Basically, this means that when a company or organization gets involved in any legal dispute, they take advice and the assistance of a legal PR agency since their reputation and image is in a very fragile state at such times.

What does Legal PR do?

Legal PR agencies have a lot of responsibility in ensuring their client is satisfied. One of the first steps they take is taking into consideration exactly what the objective of the client is by taking their assistance. Depending on the goal, the legal pr experts move forward and try to get opponents to settle whatever claim is made outside court.

They develop strategies. Preparing for any drawbacks and retaliation from opponents as well as assessing when and how to retaliate is required to maintain professionalism and dignity which will have a direct effect on the future of the client’s business and public image.

The client’s case has to be a strong one too, to ensure maximum chances of winning the case. Legal PR does apply pressure to the opponent, but they can only do so much if the case is not strong enough. 

Other Ways Legal PR are Used

Besides client cases, legal PR agencies also work on developing relationships and strong connections with the media publications, and anyone who has the power to spread information at a rapid rate. They send them information and content regarding integral aspects of their client for target audiences.

They are also used as marketing tools that can be effective in creating more exposure and positive publicity for their clients in inexpensive ways. 

Process of Targeting Publications and Media

  • Doing research on target publications. This means identifying which demographics that need to be attained and finding publications that fit the description.
  • Using local media sources like weekly business channels and magazines, specific sector publications depending on the industry and legal press.
  • Creating media contact lists with important and relevant contacts which they will benefit such as editors, legal section reporters, journalists, etc.
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