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The Best Clogs for Year-Round Comfort and Style


Clogs are on-trend this winter, and if you’re still debating which pairs to get, this list of the 20 best clogs for year-round comfort and style will help you determine which pairs are right for you. From classic Dutch designs to sophisticated hand-crafted Italian shoes, these hosiery boots feature a variety of materials like leathers and suedes that will keep your feet warm without slipping off or rubbing against your skin. The best part? Some of the clog shoes for women even come in naughty colours like black and green!

So what are you waiting for? Put on those wellies, pull out those socks, or slide into a pair of cosy woollen clogs — it really is as simple as they say.

  • Crocs Classic Clogs

Some people say that Crocs are the pajamas of footwear, but with the Crocs Classic Clog, you’d never doubt that they’re anything but a go-to pair when you want to look like a (slightly) more stylish version of an ice cream cone. These ultra-comfortable slip-on clogs feature a sturdy rubber sole with an extra thick heel for added grip and stability and come in black, navy blue and brown.

  • FitFlop Shuv Leather Clogs

With leather uppers, a shock-absorbing sole and a lightweight feel, the FitFlop Shuv Leather Clog is the perfect shoe for both formal and casual wear. The soft microsuede lining of the shoe will keep your feet warm while walking around in cold temperatures. In addition to its self-adjusting technology that will help you walk more comfortably and reduce strain, these clogs come in myriad colours that can be paired with any outfit.

  • Crocs Classic Clog

The traditional Crocs Classic Clog is known for its signature thick sole which offers effective shock absorption that’s great for barefoot-like comfort. These clogs come in a variety of colours so you can wear them with any outfit that you like.

  • Leather Clog by Fitflop

The Fitflop Leather Clog features a thick rubber sole, an elastic lace-up closure and a soft microsuede interior that keeps your feet warm during cold weather. The adjustable fit contours of women’s faux fur slippers to the curve of your foot and ankle for a snug and secure fit. In addition to the three different colour options, these clogs are also available in leather.

  • Kork-Ease Darby Clogs

The Kork-Ease Darby Clog features a leather upper and an elastic nylon strap for the perfect fit. Made with eco-friendly materials, these clogs are comfortable, durable and adjustable to your foot’s natural shape. In addition to showcasing the colours of your choice, these clogs come in several different widths and lengths so you can pick the pair that fits you best.

  • Oofos Ooclog Luxe Clogs

The Oofos Ooclog Luxe Clog features a leather upper with a seam cut at the back of the heel. The optional buckle closure ensures that your foot stays secured in place during all-day wear. These plush slippers for adults clogs are available in different widths and lengths so you can find the perfect pair for your foot.

  • Fox fur clogs

The faux fur clogs from the British heritage brand B.D. London features a thick sole and fur lining that’s made with 100% real fox fur pelts. Available in black and white, these clogs are ideal for any occasion and you can even request a pair of boots to match them or get them in other stylish colours. If you’re looking for some more traditional style, check out their men’s fox fur clog collection too!

  • Crocs Mercy Work Clogs

The Crocs Mercy Work Clog features a closed-cell polyurethane midsole that offers excellent support and stability. The slip-resistant outsole and lightweight design make these clogs ideal for those who are on their feet most of the day. While there are many work clogs for men on the market, these stylish shoes are perfect for office wear, casual wear, or formal events.

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