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Notable Features Of iTop VPN


When looking for a suitable VPN for a PC, you should consider its features. A proper VPN should have plenty of valuable features and resources that boost its functionality. 

iTop VPN is one of the best VPN services you will encounter and boasts excellent features you will appreciate when you use it on your device. Let us look at some of the resources to hint at how great this utility is.

Unblock Websites

Most of us have been in a situation where a site we want to access was blocked. Sites can be blocked for several reasons, primarily due to geo-restrictions, meaning you cannot access content due to your location. A solution to such a problem is a reliable VPN for Windows that will mask your IP address and gain you access to the content you need. iTop VPN will accomplish this for you.

You must set the VPN to a suitable location to let you into the website. Unblocking websites comes in handy when gaming, working or using social media, where you can access different websites, regardless of your location. 

Ad Blocker

Ads can be a nuisance when you are browsing. The popups can redirect you to unnecessary web pages or block your content. You do not have to deal with this problem anymore with iTop VPN. This VPN has an ad blocker, which you set to block ads from different sites. You may tweak the settings to allow ads from certain websites. 


Trackers are another problem to contend with when surfing the internet. The trackers try to detect your location for many reasons, and they may be malicious. As the best VPN in UAE, iTop VPN’s anti-tracker will keep the trackers off and will hide your IP, making it hard for them to detect your location.

The Kill Switch

iTop VPN has the kill switch, which comes to play when there is a network interruption. Interruptions expose your connection’s vulnerabilities, and the kill switch comes to play by blocking all traffic. The result is the protection of your privacy.

Multiple Device Support

iTop VPN is a versatile utility, evident from its compatibility with various operating systems. Typically, it is a VPN that supports new and older versions of this operating system. Additionally, iTop works with Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. When signed in to the premium plans, one account can support up to five devices.

Malware Protection

iTop VPN is a multifunctional tool that allows you to access public networks privately and offers protection against malware threats. With this utility installed on your device, you are safe from viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other similar programs.

Final Word

iTop VPN lives up to its claim of being one of the best VPN services, evident from its vast array of resources. With this utility installed on your device, you are sure of all-around protection and access to different websites, regardless of location. 

Enjoy a free download VPN for PC and use the free VPN for trial purposes. You can upgrade to the premium plans to unlock more resources if satisfied with what it offers. 

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