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National Police Certificates: 3 Well-Known Misconceptions You Should Know About


If you plan on moving to a new state of Australia, you should consider going to South Australia instead. And if you are seeking to get a job in South Australia, you can find at least 143,000 small businesses that are the backbone of the state’s economy. And with 1.771 million residents in South Australia, you should try getting a job as quickly as possible since all of the job positions you like may get taken. 

But before you go out and hunt for jobs around, you need to have all of the important documents with you, as the national police certificate in SA, to get hired faster. You should know that presenting the certificate is important for many high-profile businesses because they want to make sure they hire the right worker for the job. As such, it would be ideal to know more about national police certificates by learning the many misconceptions surrounding them. 

  • Companies Can Access Your Criminal Records

Whenever you apply for a job at a company, they will always ask for your criminal records right away because they do not have the ability to acquire them themselves. No one but yourself can acquire your national police certificate in South Australia because it is filled with sensitive information and should only be presented to the right people, such as your employers. 

The only time a company in South Australia can look at your criminal records is when you hand in your national police certificate, or they get it on your behalf and with your permission. Doing so saves the applicant more time, especially when the employer has already decided to hire the person without seeing the national police certificate. 

  • Getting a National Police Certificate Is Unreliable

Another misconception you might have heard about getting a national police certificate in SA is that you should never acquire it online. Many people think that getting a certificate online is not the best way to spend your money because there is a big chance that you might get a fake one. Fortunately, you can find many reliable companies accredited by the Australian government. 

Acquiring your police checks online is also practical because you can have your money refunded if the employer does not accept your online police check. However, the chances of getting your online police check rejected are slim, especially when you get it from a government accredited website. As such, South Australian residents always take advantage of the online police check because it saves them time and effort. 

  • Employers Will Never Hire Applicants With a Criminal History

The reason employers in South Australia asked for a national police certificate is to know whether your criminal offence can negatively impact their company or not. In rare cases, the only time an employer will be forced to reject a job application is when the criminal offence is still fresh or active. 

But if you already served time in jail, got parole, and stayed on the good side of the law for some years, companies all over South Australia should not have to think twice about hiring you. As long as you have good merits and the skills they need, your chances of getting hired are higher than usual. 

Hopefully, the misconceptions stated above should give you a good understanding of what a national police certificate is all about. 

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