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Most remarkable applications of artificial intelligence in real world


Automation is no longer the future. Due to the precariousness of the times we live in, automation is the need of the hour. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are helping in the eradication of human error from day-to-day processes and making things smoother for the masses. After the world reopened post-pandemic, the mindset was changed completely. All the decisions needed to be calculated and the risks must be avoided at all costs. Calculated risks however are always necessary, but any mistake in taking the same can be detrimental. The sheer uncertainty of markets and the financial standing of nations are propelling humanity toward a more automated future. All sectors from commerce, healthcare, and logistics are experiencing major revamps and the incorporation of automation. Thus the applications of artificial intelligence in the real world are no anymore restricted to tech fields. The boundaries have been extended under sheer pressure, and AI is invading almost all aspects of human life. This article will try to concentrate on the benefits of artificial intelligence and shed light on the remarkable progress AI has made in the past couple of years.

In the public sectors


  • In the healthcare sector, massive amounts of data were inaccessible due to technological limitations. But in the past few years, massive progress is being made in the field of computer sciences and allied disciplines. Automation is helping in the analysis of large chunks of healthcare and historical data, for the development of personalized therapies. The humanly impossible amounts are very much within reach of the analyst thanks to AI.
  • In addition to that, AI is transforming the paradigms of remote diagnosis. Thanks to wearable smart devices, the process now works in real-time and a risky waiting period can be avoided at all costs. At-risk patients, who are served with these devices can be alerted of an impending health obstacle by the concerned institute with ease and rapidity.

Traffic management

Big cities thrive on ease of transport. Living concrete entities like cities depend on internal logistics for efficient functioning. Managing the traffic and keeping the arteries clean is 9ne of the primary concerns for urban authorities. Thanks to automation the process of prosecution is easier. Rouge drivers and vehicles are now being prosecuted with the remarkable speed with the help of AI entities. A typical traffic prosecution AI can consist of a few components like motion sensors, NLP or any other feature extraction tools, and prosecution protocols. A rogue driver or vehicle can thus be prosecuted with ease and from a good distance and that too with minimal to no human intervention.

Disaster management

Thanks to the advancements in data analytics and the incorporation of automation in the same. Natural calamities can be predicted before their onset. Thus, a population at risk from a natural disaster can be evacuated to safety, long before the risk has emerged. Apart from that, the damage can be assessed and financial planning can be done beforehand so that quick mitigation always remains a possibility.

In the commercial sector

Data analytics

The utilization of data is the key to success in 2022. And the sheer volume is not manageable by human beings alone. Thus every error-prone task requires the support of automated processes. AI is one of the means to satisfy this gargantuan requirement of data-driven prescriptions.


Thanks to the abundance of ethically obtainable sources of financial and purchase data. A marketing team can predict the purchase patterns and habits of an entire population and shape their campaigns accordingly. It is possible today to figure out the individuals who might need a product and are willing to invest in the same. Thus the sheer power of execution by automation is transforming the marketing ecosystems and adding the much-needed quotient of accuracy in marketing campaigns.


Application of Artificial intelligence in real world situations is achieving miracles. From self-driving cars to automated kitchens, the list goes on and on. But the most prominent ones are those that are directly influencing the lives of many. The aforementioned applications of artificial intelligence in the real world are not just utilities but also a major source of employment for budding engineers and AI professionals.

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