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How to Select Suitable Pony Browbands Color: A Quick Guide


Identifying the appropriate browband for your horse might be difficult. It can be difficult to stand out among a big number of show horses.

Because all of the horses are lined up in a line-up, the judge sees all of the horses’ heads from the front, so picking a browband that matches for your horse could assist draw emphasis to your horse.However there are many possibilities and choices, such as satin or velvet, glitter or no bling or a lot of bling, width, pattern, and colour.

What is the best way to choose suitable pony browbands?

Here are four suggestions to help you pick the ideal product for your horse.

  • Select a width and size that are appropriate for your horse. Many show horses compete with browbands that are considerably too small for them, which detracts from the overall appearance. As a result, make absolutely sure your browband is large enough just to sit beneath the root of the ear and not contact that muscle in any manner. It’s necessary for your horse’s safety, but that also helps the ear appear ‘clogged.’ The gap in between bottom of the ear and the peak of the horse’s eye should indeed be put into account when choosing a browband width. When picking a band width, keep in mind that some horses have ‘little space’ there, and others have a lot of space.
  • Is it better to bling or not to bling? The more blingy your horse is, the less bling on your browband you’ll probably need. There is a lot of room for personal preference here, so try a few different things and find what works best for you. Horses with a lot of white on their faces look better with less bling than horses with few marks on their faces. However, if you have a very attractive horse with an attractive head, load it up with as much bling as it can handle. Withdraw on the bling if the horse’s head isn’t the main attraction. It’s all about emphasising the positive aspects and sticking out amongst the crowd.
  • Which colour should I pick? This can vary based on the scale of competition; for example, formal contests frequently use a mixture of classic colours such as red, white, and blue, perhaps all of them or one or several. Colors come and go with trend, but when selecting a colour scheme, choose something that might stand out against your horse’s colour and with which you can combine your own attire. When it comes to colour selection, less is generally more. On paper, purple, lime green, gold, and orange look good, but there are too many opposing colours in there to have any type of effect from afar.
  • What is the most effective pattern? When selecting browbands for horses, there are many designs to pick from. Consider your horse’s head and what would fit it, just as you would when considering how much bling to use. A modest, tight, detailed design to counter the ‘plain-ness’ of a plainer head would be appropriate. In a broad, basic form, a very lovely head may carry off a somewhat mono appearance. Consider how much room you have for your band. On a horse with a limited space in which the browband goes, a modest pattern might complement the space, but a huge pattern might emphasise that so little space there would be to put a browband.

Picking a browband is a real blast, and you may make your own or have a browband maker produce something special for you. Take your time to consider how it will appear on your horse’s head, whatever you choose!

Good luck with your selection!

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