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How To Partner On Instagram 6 Must-See Tips!


If you have a social media profile and want to know how to partner on Instagram, know that you’ve just come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll find the best tips to win more partnerships, increase your revenue with the social network and also improve your reach on Instagram. Come with us!

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What is and how does an Instagram partnership work?

For people who are taking their first steps on the social network, understanding what Instagram partnership is and how it works is essential to ensure good business and make your page a success.

Partnerships in this social network, basically, are ways to promote their own products or those of other brands through a commercial agreement between the profile and a brand.

Possibly, you’ve seen an influencer promoting products or services of a specific company, haven’t you? The partnership is exactly that, allowing different forms of payment, which can be through cash, sales commissions or barter.

By the way, it is important that you learn how to attract partnerships on Instagram, as influence marketing has grown a lot in Brazil as it is one of the most accurate strategies to reach the brands’ target audience.

According to a study carried out by NC Solutions, 92% of Brazilian consumers trust more in recommendations made by people than by brands, such as digital influencers, for example.

If you want to take advantage of opportunities in this market, it is good to continue reading this article and ensure the best strategies to arouse the interest of different brands.

What is the difference between a paid partnership and a branded ad?

To understand how Instagram partnerships work, it’s important that you know the difference between a paid partnership and a branded ad. There is another way to spread your message cost-effectively if you buy Instagram Followers

Unlike the brand ad that appears in the range of stories or in the feed with the sponsored tag on the image, the paid partnership is content marked “partnership paid with”, displayed to users who follow the influencer, who published the post.

This content also appears to those who visit your profile. However, if the user activates the “Allow business partner to promote” mode in the post, that post can also be used as a promoted advertisement in an attempt to reach more users.

How to partner on Instagram? Check out 6 tips!

So you can learn how to partner on Instagram and always stay on the radar of those brands you want to do business with, check out these 6 tips we’ve prepared for you.

1. Define your brand

To ensure good partnerships, the first thing is to define your brand concept. But what does it mean? What is the market niche? What are your profile goals? What topics will your profile talk about?

Defining your brand concept will help you better define which companies you would like to partner with and which have to do with your niche.

2. Know your audience

Among the best practices on how to close partnerships on Instagram is knowing your audience. It’s no use having a profile on social networks, which also include Facebook, TikTok and even YouTube, if you have no idea who you’re talking to.

So, get to know your audience, go to the analysis tools offered by Instagram, do polls in stories to better understand who the people who follow you are.

That way, your profile will talk about subjects that your audience is interested in, making your brand relevant and making brands interested in partnering with you.

3. Post consistently and with quality

Partnerships for Instagram beginners or even those older profiles will only be obtained if your profile publishes consistently and with quality.

It’s no use posting every 15 days and talking about any topic. You need to maintain a regular posting schedule to spark the interest of your audience and brands. That rule also applies for other social media platforms such as, for example if you buy Facebook Likes Singapore and keep on posting good quality content then you can certainly achieve amazing results. 

4. Mark companies in your posts

Whenever you partner with companies, be sure to mark them in the post, as it is necessary to disclose your partner’s profile so that it can be seen by the public, since one of the main objectives is to close a deal or sell through the your publication.


5. Include contact information in your biography

If you want to learn how to partner well on Instagram, remember to include contact information in your biography. Include all possible channels such as email, phone and Whatsapp. The objective is to facilitate contact with brands.

6. Know your value

To price your work, first of all you need to know its value and market prices. Understand the values ​​practiced by other influencers in your industry, analyze the number of followers you have and the engagement of your profile.

With this, you can better understand your value of influencing your followers, better defining your prices.

How to send a message to partner on Instagram?

 Sample text offering partnership!

Hello how are you?

My name is………………………… and my Instagram profile is………… …… I am an influencer in the market already……….. And I have gained prominence among my followers through content about…………….. ………………………………………………


Currently, my profile on the social network has about …………..and an engagement rate of ……………….. This data, you you can check the link………………………………………..

I have been following your brand………………….. and the products have called my attention, especially because they are aligned with the contents I produce, such as the contents ………………………….

I believe I can contribute to your company’s publication and help it conquer its ideal audience.

How about we talk better about a partnership format?

I await your return!

How much to charge for an Instagram partnership?

For those who wonder how much a partnership on Instagram costs and how to charge it, know that many profiles stipulate a fixed amount for every 1,000 accounts that are reached by your profile.

That way, you can start pricing in the same way other influencers already work.

What is Direct Partnership?

Direct partnership happens when a company wants to partner with you through chat. In other words, direct is the channel where partnership negotiations between digital influencers and advertisers who are interested in your brand take place.

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How to partner on Instagram: conclusion

Did you understand how to partner on Instagram? So, roll up your sleeves and start designing a strategy right now based on our tips to make your profile rock.

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