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How To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars


Our homes are at a high risk of breaking in at the most unexpected times. Having our precious belongings at home, we expose ourselves to the threat of burglars attacking, taking away what we own. 

However, it is not always about our material belongings but rather our lives are at risk too. Resisting letting them take what they want may leave you dead inside your own house. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure the security of your home and take steps to prevent burglars and thieves from breaching.

Security Alarms

Having both the visual and motion sensor alarms installed in your house would be a great source of prevention against breaking in. Having the sensors installed in the entrance to your home, the windows that burglars may use to get in, or an alarm that is sensitive to fire and the sound of things breaking. The moment thieves would break in, the security alarms would start, giving you the signals and ample time to prepare yourself for self-defense.

Security Cameras

Video surveillance is another way of maintaining a check on who is getting in and out of your house and at what times. Even if burglars manage to get in, the camera would record everything, making it easier for you to identify them. Furthermore, when the alarm starts, you can look into the cameras through your computers or mobile phones by logging into your camera’s security password to see what happened and where exactly the burglars have tried making a move.

Rekey Your Lock

Now there are chances that burglars already know you have valuables in that particular room of yours for instance. They will try to get into that room. Therefore, to prevent theft, you can either set a smart password to it but that is also at risk of a hack. Try rekeying the safe lock. For that matter check out the best Locksmith services. Rekey changes the basic configuration of the lock, making it impossible to open with the old keys that your burglar may know of already and have prepared the hack for.

Door lens

Another less secure but more casual way of keeping yourself and the home safe from the unwanted people inside your house who may be a threat, you can install a door lens into the entrance door of your house. Before opening the door, make sure you check first through the lens and then decide whether to open it or not. This would save you a lot of time and energy.

Smart Windows

The burglar may be smart enough to realize that you have sensors installed on the entrance and he starts looking for other defer ways to break inside your house. He may choose the windows this time. You can install smart locked windows that are on the front and the rear sides of the house, easier to allow anyone to get in and out. Install a sensor on the windows

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