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How to find the right product in our car sun protection comparison


With high sunlight and outside temperatures, the interior of the car can quickly heat up to twice the outside temperature. And even while driving, rc police car with lights and siren the sun’s rays can become unpleasant because the car side windows only filter out part of the dangerous UV radiation.

The dangerous UV-B rays are filtered out to 99.98 percent. Of the less energetic UV-A rays, however, almost 30 percent still reach the interior of the car. They, too, can damage skin cells and cause skin cancer. Dermatologists recommend additional protection after just 30 minutes – for example with sunscreen. If you want to avoid this, sun protection for the car can help here. Find the right product with our test or comparison table to protect yourself optimally, especially on long car journeys.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our car sun protection comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

The combination of sun, privacy, and glare protection of the car sun protection protects children and decrepit occupants from overheating the body.

The sun protection for car windows protects against dazzling sun rays while driving. You can attach it to the front and rear windows as well as to the side windows.

The sun protection with integrated UV protection ensures that it remains pleasantly cool inside your vehicle and that there is no heat build-up inside the car even at high outside temperatures.

Whether you’re going on a long or short car ride, it’s important that you protect your car’s interior well from excessive sunlight. Especially for small children, the interior can be very dangerous if there is too much sun: heat accumulation and circulatory problems can put a strain on the child’s body even during short car journeys.

As a car sun protection for the baby, you now have numerous options. You can distinguish between window films, sun visors, car blinds, acrylic glass panes, and sun protection film. The central distinguishing feature here is the installation of sun protection in the car: If you want to crank down the window in the car despite sun protection, you should rather resort to a window cover. Sun visors, which are attached to the window with suction cups, can be removed from the window more quickly.

Just as you should protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun, you should also protect the passengers who are inside your car from the resulting heat development. Despite air conditioning or open windows, the effect of the sun’s rays on the body can lead to heat accumulation and circulatory problems, this aspect is unfortunately often underestimated.

Anyone looking for a test of sun protection for the car of the Stiftung Warentest, unfortunately, waits in vain. Therefore, with the help of the purchase advice of our car sun protection comparison 2022, find the right window protection so that the next long car ride is bearable for all occupants.

Sun visor – easy to use

With the classic car sun visor, the car can cover the windscreen, side window, and side windows. Furthermore, sun protection can also cover the rear window and the rear area of the car. This is a self-adhesive car sun protection for the windscreen.

It reduces the penetration of the sun’s rays. There are both translucent models and sun visors for the car, which are made of opaque fabric.

To allow you to attach these sun visors, it is best off road rc cars to use a car sunscreen suction cup on every corner of the model you have chosen. You can easily attach the suction cups to the sun visor or window of your car and then attach the sunshade in the car to it. Of course, you can also easily remove the suction cups.

An alternative mounting option is the clampable car sun protection: This is mounted under and next to the window. The advantage here is that not only the sun’s rays can be stopped, but also the window can be easily opened. When the window is open, the panel helps to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt particles.

At the same time, you cannot assume that every car’s sun protection alone ensures sufficient UV protection. Especially if you often drive with a toddler, you should pay special attention to the information on UV protection from the manufacturer. After all, there are sun visors in a wide variety of designs, whereby the type and denser of the materials often differ.

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