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How To Enjoy Video Games As A Christian


Faith means a different thing for everyone, but it can still be tricky to decide what faith means for you, especially when it comes to playing video games. Certain games are notorious for using imagery and music that goes against what Christians believe in. However, many Christians find joy in video games, so if this is a hobby that interests you, it’s worth exploring the options you have to develop a new interest, while still keeping your faith at the forefront. In this article, we’ll discuss our top tips for enjoying video games in this way. 

Find The Right Game For You 

First things first, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve found the right game for you. Video gaming can sometimes get a bad rep from the number of games out there that don’t align with a person’s faith. GTA and Call of Duty, for example, are often ladened with aggressive music and gameplay. However, there are actually plenty of Christian video games that can bridge the gap between your faith and this enjoyable hobby. It’s up to you to work out exactly what games align with your own values, but this list is a great place to start. 

Check Your Set-Up 

Having the right PC set up is a must for any gamer, but it’s important to make sure that as a Christian, you are supporting companies that align with your values. Make sure to check the background of any organization that you support when purchasing a PC, monitors, accessories, or a chair – this way, you can be content that you are comfortable from the very beginning of your journey into your new hobby. If you’re interested in streaming your gameplay online, you can take a look at some of the best Lenovo PCs for Streaming that can facilitate your move into this exciting and fulfilling community. 

Get Involved With The Christian Gaming Community 

Finally, venturing into the world of video games is a great step towards joining an inclusive and friendly community of other Christian gamers. There are a whole host of platforms dedicated to gaming in faith, and many of them provide access to forums where you can chat with like-minded people. The Christian Gamers Alliance, for example, is a forum site that holds game discussions, as well as bible studies, prayer requests, and praise reports. Getting involved with these communities is a great way to reach out to new friends and enjoy a new hobby without sacrificing your Christian values. 

Ultimately, we understand how difficult it can be when faced with the dilemma of how you can make video gaming work for you as a Christian, and it’s important to check that the games you’re playing, along with the companies you support, align with your values. However, by following this guide and implementing our top tips for exploring this new interest, you can be sure that you are acting in a Christian way – once you have the right game, an appropriate setup and a network in the Christian gaming community, a lifetime of adventure into new online worlds awaits.  

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