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How do u calculate eDPI?


An eDPI calculator online is the best way for you to determine your cursor speed in various games you play with friends. Are you curious about the latest gaming features? This is the page for you. This article is packed with interesting facts you need to know in order to improve your understanding of the game.

What is Valorant eDPI?

The world of gaming is a wonderful place.

“eDPI” is a value that compares the mouse DPI to your game response.

eDPI stands to eDPI and stands for “effective dots/inch”.

Edpi Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate edpi:


The same formula is used to predict your mouse sensitivity using our valorant edpi calculator.

Sensitivity settings:

Mouse DPI

DPI stands to represent “dots per inch”.

“Dpi” tells you how many pixels or inches your cursor moved when you replaced your mouse for just one inch (2.54cm) on the table.

DPI is often compared to CPI, which is “counts per in”

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How to Measure DPI

What is my DPI? Scroll down to learn some of the things you might want to know:

Take a good look at the mouse. There may be a button on the mouse that allows you to control your speed.

It may not be there. If it is, take down the model number of your mouse and/or memorize it.

Once you’re done, go to your internet browser and type dpi analyser into the search box.

Enter the distance that your mouse has traveled to find the dpi displayed on your screen.

Best DPI Value

The normal dpi value for standard speed is around 400. Is this enough? It is not. Many gamers prefer setting the mouse DPI value at 400 or 800. High DPI values can cause problems such as a rougher mouse or making it difficult to use. It is best to adjust it at a moderate speed.


It works in a game environment. It allows players to adjust their mouse DPI according to the game they are playing. It is a good choice if your mouse DPI is very high.

Different games may have different sensitivity settings. It is a good idea to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse at a general speed, so you can easily change it as needed.

Windows Sensitivity

This term refers specifically to the speed at which the operating system responds when you move your cursor by one inch

How does the eDPI Calculator work?

To estimate the eDPI value of fighting games, pro players use instant methods such as the edpi convert. How to use it?

Move a little down!


●      First, choose the game you want from the drop-down menu

If it’s CSGO:

●      If applicable, write down the DPI, sensitivity, windows sensitive, and raw input.

If there are any other games not listed in the menu:

●  Note the DPI and sensitivity values.

●      Click the calculate button


The free eDPI calculator:

Best edpi valorant

Display the edpi values both in cm/360deg or in/360deg

What is the Difference Between DPI and eDPI?

DPI is an acronym for Dots Per Inch. It measures the mouse’s sensitivity. A mouse with a high DPI will allow you to move the mouse more freely and further than a mouse with low DPI. eDPI stands for Effective Dots per Inch. It is used to measure the sensitivity of players. It does not matter what hardware you use. Below is the formula for calculating eDPI with mouse DPI (in-game sensitivity)

What keyboard does Clix use for his typing?

Clix uses a Matrix Elite Series 60% gaming system. However, this console offers something unique. The keys are illuminated with RGB lights. This makes it an ideal gaming console that can be used with any type of gaming computer. However, the CLIX console is slightly unique.

Everyone should know what keyboard Clix uses. Although the Matrix Elite Series console is Clix’s, it has many advantages. His console is ergonomically designed with the left- and right-hand sides. It also features a major dark shape and red keys.

Matrix sells the standard console but they also sell the exact match for the player’s console. The special gaming switches are available for both the standard consoles and the Keyboard Does CLIX use.

Clix keyboard made by Matrix is tough to find. The switches used by the Clix console are Cherry. This is a common choice with many top gamers. If you look at the setups of Fortnite’s top players and top Warzone players, you will see that many star players use these switches.

These switches are great for gaming and quick response times. These switches are extremely responsive. This significant reaction is a source of great criticism. It allows for quick and simple responses to any key that’s squeezed.

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