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How Day Nursery in Preston Cope with Child Stress


Every person goes through some sort of stress in their lives. Even children also feel stressed. However, stress can be categorized into two parts- good stress and bad stress. Positive stress can help the person to accomplish their goals. For instance, a child is stressed about an exam. So he or she studies hard to pass the test and achieve a good score. On the other hand, bad stress ends up being hectic and frustrating. A day nursery in Preston helps young ones by relieving them from the stress they are struggling with. 

Causes of Stress Amongst Kids

There are numerous reasons and scenarios that can put children under stress. 

The staff of childcare keep an eye on every child to identify if anything is going wrong with them. Below are a few instances of stressful situations that many kids may have experienced. 


  • Routine change can disturb the child as they need to get up early and follow the discipline schedule. 
  • Overcrowded childcare settings can also lead to stress.
  • Need to adjust to the new environment when sent to the daycare.
  • Fights and conflicts with peers. 
  • Lack of sleep can also be a part of a stressful situation.
  • Have lost a loved one. 
  • Conflicts at home can be dreadful for a child. 


Basic Ways of Coping with Stress

Before sending your child to one of the best independent primary schools. It’s essential for them to learn how to manage their emotions due to anxiety & stress. There are a few ways to deal with a worrying situation: 

  • Allow the child to have enough sleep. 
  • Encourage kids to have healthy meals.
  • Make sure they are involved in the physical activities. 
  • Give them a bit of space. 
  • Keep motivating the child with at least one thing at a time. 
  • Be certain that they get time to play with their companions. 
  • Don’t be rude to a child unnecessarily or when the mistakes are not made intentionally. 

What are the Stress-Relieving Activities in Daycare

Undoubtedly, children are not mature enough to handle the stress. Here, Preston nursery plays a vital role in assisting children with all the worries and burdens that run in their heads. Some of the activities that are implemented by childcare are as follows: 

  • Paper ripping: It’s one of the fun activities that are highly enjoyed by young kids. The old newspapers or magazines are used to make paper balls and then thrown all over the room. The activity ends by throwing the balls into a basket for a good cleaning. 
  • Finger Painting – It’s also an entertaining activity enjoyed by children. Firstly, the table is covered up with a plastic tablecloth, old shower curtain, or newspaper. Then kids are offered a large size paper and some finger paint. Children make it more interesting by using hands and even elbows to paint a picture. 
  • Active play – Childcare keeps children busy in active play where they are participating in running activities, playing with balls, or climbing to relieve stress. 
  • Laughter – When a child laughs out loudly, the stress is all gone for a while, and he or she feels a huge relaxation. Silly jokes are cracked or funny stories are told to them that make them laugh. 

Hence, be cautious when your little one is suffering from poor mental health. Look for better plans to make your child cheerful and in a happy mindset.

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