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Fly Rugs for Horses – Invest in Premium One


There are a plethora of options for horse fly carpets! With so many options and extras to choose from, it might be overwhelming. These goods sound great and perfect for keeping your horse safe from harm because of the way they’re described. In other words, how do you figure out what you’ll need? Find out more by reading the post:  

What Does a Fly Rug Serve?

A fly rugs for horses, sometimes known as a Fly Sheet, is a lightweight, thin mesh rug. All it does is shield your horse from pesky midges and flies. We have a wide selection of Fly and Sweet Itch Rugs to browse.

Is a Fly Rug Necessary for Your Horse?

You may need a fly rug if your horse is troubled by mosquitoes and other flying insects or has been scratched or bitten by them. In addition, much like humans, horses require UV protection. Fly rugs are like sunblock. This reduces coat bleaching in dark horses and protects light-coloured horses and those with areas of pink skin from sunburn and skin malignancies from exposure to the sun.

What’s the Material of Fly Rugs?

Fly carpets are often made from two types of fabric: “soft” or “hard.”

Cotton or a polyester woven soft mesh is used to make the soft fly rugs. These garments are light and airy, and they tend to hug the body more closely. Even though these tend to be gentler on a horse’s coat and skin, they are also more susceptible to snags and tears.

The PVC-coated cloth used to make the strong fly carpets is highly stiff and durable. This is more durable than the soft version. Some are softer and sit closer to the horse’s body, while others are stiffer and sit farther away.

Where Can You Find Several Kinds of Fly Rugs?

Three types of fly carpets occur:

  • For turn out
  • For riding
  • For transport

For turn out, there are several options:

Some fly carpets are water-resistant. If a rug is waterproof, that information should be included in the product description. A fly rug is waterproof with a waterproof panel on the top and mesh on the bottom.

It’s better to use insect repellent rugs in the spring and fall. No matter how breathable a waterproof fly rug is on a hot day, it will never be enough.

UV Protection: 

Some fly rugs also give UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays and protect against flies. UV-protected fly carpets guard against sunburn and the bleaching of darker-coloured outerwear.


flies avoided falling on the horse because of the zebra fly blanket’s stripes, which were found to be an effective repellent, according to a study. A zebra fly rug is the best for your horse, so buy one today.

Fun Patterned:

Patterned fly carpets are becoming increasingly popular as the need for patterned turnout rugs develops each year. If your horse is working in a large field with many other horses, you may consider investing in one of the many popular patterned rugs.

A fly rug’s characteristics

  • Fly carpets, like other rugs, have a wide range of characteristics:
  • The shoulder gusset
  • Necks that are permanently fixed or removable
  • Both fixed and detachable leg straps are included.
  • Surcingles can be single or double.
  • a flap of the tummy
  • tail flap with an extra-long length
  • There’s a front closure for every situation.

With this post’s help, you must now know the completely different types of fly rugs for horses.

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