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Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.CO Review Information about the item


There are many brands that sell spices that are essential for flowers. However, these spices are very expensive and cost $ 115.00. Do you know

Flowerbomb Fragrance is manufactured in USA?

Do you want to get the perfume, the price and the features of the dishes? However, do you want to check out before buying Flowerbomb’s Parfume

The scent of a flower

Flowerbomb perfume by Victor and Ralphka Flowerbomb perfume. These are the names of the three posts. Then there are the middle and middle notes, as well as the upper notes. Designed for women’s fragrances, perfect for parties and evening events.

How to use flowerbomb perfume?

  • You can combine one (or) two (or) two additional flavors.
  • Open the perfume bottle.
  • Apply perfume to your skin.
  • If you use a small amount of perfume, spray it on your body.
  • See the description at
  • Brand osDossier
  • Product name: Delicious white flowers
  • Bottle size 1.71 oz / 50 ml
  • The original price was $ 29.
  • Discounted price 17.40.
  • Homemade vanilla, caramel flower, caramel, vanilla
  • HTML0 special vehicle, UV filter, non-toxic, paraben-free, phthalate-free
  • Ingredients Ambroxol, cashmere, linoleum ethylvanillin, ethylvanillin, sandalwood, vanillin, cheddar, linoleic acid, beta iron,
  • Concentration: 18%
  • Benefits of perfume:
  • It smells like a flower.
  • Flowerbomb Parfum examines flavors of bergamot, green tea, freesia and raspberries.
  • The scent of white flowers, orchids and roses.
  • The main ingredients are mask, patchouli, caramel and vanilla.
  • Free shipping, 40% off.
  • offers up to 500 profits on registered loans.
  • I don’t even have money. 22.90 on withholding.
  • Disadvantages of owl flower perfume
  • Adding notes is frustrating.
  • Ideal for nighttime use, but not suitable for daytime use.
  • Classified as a mixture of rich flavors and basic notes.
  • Is Flowerbum Perfume effective?
  • Flowerbomb Parfume gives an overview of this product and the brands that sell it.


  • is an online trading website with an average reliability of 76% for 9 years. This is a great event for the company.
  • These florals are from Bomb Dossier.
  • DossierTikTok has a unique look on Instagram.
  • The social networking site has more than 22,600 followers on file.
  • Item information:
  • Since the file, these floral fragrances have been sold in many online stores such as Walmart.
  • It is also sold on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Flowersbomb Parfum Overview Victor, Dossier Design inspired by Ralph Perfumery.
  • Smell different flower bombs.
  • The blossoming Dosier perfume is popular with many users because it looks like a big brand.
  • Dosier flower bomb is usually well received on the internet, social media and YouTube.

Star 2.9/5 has 24 trusted monitoring websites. Stores like Walmart 241 offer 4.5/5 stars. Some YouTube videos are similar to Victor and Ralph notebooks, but they are not. perfume, according to reviews, is $100.00 cheaper than other Victor & Ralph perfumes.

Other Flowerbomb Parfume Dossier Reviews About 4/5 Star Internet Rates. There are 665 user reviews on this site. 4.5/5 stars Positive comments are often posted on social media platforms such as Facebook. Facebook’s amazing Alexa rank is 61084.

Numerous negative reviews include order cancellations, customer rudeness, bottles and packages. One customer complained that the note disappeared within 20 minutes. includes a floral fragrance developed by Victor and Ralph. The main note has three names, followed by the top note, middle note, and main note. Designed as a women’s fragrance suitable for parties and evening meetings.

The Document Company is headquartered in the United States and offers a variety of fragrances. This might be your favorite perfume.

There are many brands that sell floral fragrances. However, this perfume is quite expensive and costs 115.00. Did you know that smells of flower bombs from the United States? Does HTML1 Status Compete with the Best Perfumes of the Best Perfume Brands?

Do you want to have expensive and unique perfumes? However, do you want to check before buying Flowerbomb’s Parfume

Flowerbomb perfume by is a gift for Rolf Victor and Flowerbomb perfumes. It has a three-tone scent. The middle notes and major notes are followed by the upper notes. Designed for women’s perfume, suitable for parties and evenings.

Ingredients: oil, ethyl vanillin, condensed oil, pot.

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