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Data Science for Software Developers: 5 Things You Should Know


The software development industry was and continues to be one of the top job providers in the world with close to 5% of the global workforce fully engaged in developing software for various operations. When AI and machine learning arrived, it was largely speculated that the software development jobs would be at risk of losing their importance and would be rendered redundant once AI fully takes control of the processes at an enterprise level. Those fears have more or less stayed, even as AI software developers have emerged as one of best-paid professionals in the world. However, despite so much happening in the AI world backed by data science capabilities, nobody really talks much about the opportunities that actually exist for these professionals. In this article, we will try to dive into this area and explain why software development professionals should start enrolling in the top data science courses in India to gain entry into the lucrative career options.

What is software development?

Software development is a key aspect of IT and DevOps engineering that involves the use of computer applications and networking tools to design, build, test, and analyze software applications. While the core development processes in software engineering have remained unchanged, data science concepts have heavily influenced the way developers program, test, and secure applications and frameworks, in most cases, accelerating the process by adopting cutting edge data modeling and business analysis reports to facilitate better outcomes.

A conventional software development life cycle essentially can be explained as per SDLC, which could involve the use of different kinds of methodologies such as Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, etc. Top data science courses in India for software developers train students on how to improve SDLC processes using extreme programming concepts for continuous improvement or incremental improvement.

All major software development and engineering concepts are now heavily influenced by data science and business analysis concepts. Let’s understand them.

How is software development linked with data science?

All software can be now termed as either part of analytics, simulation platforms, or computer aided design (CAD) tools that use computer programming languages and data statistics to produce desirable outcomes. When we specifically talk of analytics software tools, these are used across all business functions such as Marketing and Sales, Finance, IT, web development, security management, and finance. Digital analytics encompasses all the software related events that are used to maintain a digital footprint online using simple tools such as an email service provider, or IT firewall, or advanced software systems such as CRM, content management systems, or AI based website analytics tools to track audience visits and behaviors.

Why does data science work for software developers?

Data science is still considered to be in the infancy stage. On the other hand, software engineering is more or less mature and has already reached its peak performance in terms of innovation and investments. Nonetheless, data science’s flexible and interdisciplinary characteristics make it the best fit to be involved at all stages of software engineering, especially when IT teams are looking for speed, accuracy, and automation.

Can software developers become data scientists?

Yes, software engineering professionals are a tailor made group for data science roles, given their tenacity and familiarity with various computer applications, hardware systems, and experience in working with coding languages, SQLs, and databases.

By 2030, there will be a 300% rise in the demand for software engineers in data science roles and this could put the focus on BE and B Tech specializations where software engineering is taught as a hard science. With data science certification online after engineering, professionals can lay an excellent foundation with specific skillsets that will pave the way for next-gen data analysts and data scientists with strong software engineering and product management appetite.

Top destinations for data science based software engineering roles in India  You could be handling a variety of roles as a software engineer. Once you earn a certification in data science, your vision narrows down like a laser, focusing only on core development works. These could be Networks development and internet management, web browsers and mobile applications, developing automated document processors, marketing and sales dashboards platforms, business analytics suites that link to CRMs, ERPs and HCMs, robotics, and business support systems, and architecture development. Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Meta, Twitter, Salesforce, Oracle, Baidu, Reliance, and Capgemini are some of the leading companies that hire for functional talent groups with strong foundations in data science from the software engineering side.

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