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Countries that start with S in 2022


There are 196 countries in the world. There are many countries that start with the letter “S”. Here is a list of some: Slovenia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Sudan, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles and Sierra Leone.

The world is a big place. And with that, come a lot of different cultures and languages. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring countries that start with the letter “S”. 

There are many countries in this world with different languages, cultures, and histories. If you want to learn more about other cultures or just have fun learning some new vocabulary, check out our list of countries that start with the letter “S”. 

Read on to find out more about these interesting countries!

What is the world like? It’s an endless collection of cultures, languages, and countries.

But, for this blog post, let’s focus on the countries that start with S. There are so many s-named countries in the world that it’s impossible to name them all. That’s why we’re just going to take a look at some of our favourites.

  1. Spain: A country in Western Europe, whose capital is Madrid. It was ruled by Muslims from 711 to 1492, when it was reconquered by Christians from Portugal and Aragon. Its official language is Castilian Spanish which can also be known as Spanish or Espanola
  2. Sri Lanka: A country in South Asia with a population of 21 million people, with Sinhalese being the unofficial language while English is the official language for government and business purposes.
  3. Switzerland: A country located in Central Europe with a population of 8 million people and 4 official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh). 
  4. Syria: A country located in Western Asia with an estimated population of 20 million people; Arabic is the official language.
  5. South Africa: South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is the southernmost country in Africa. With over fifty nine million human beings, it is the arena’s 24th-maximum populous country and covers a place of 1,221,037 rectangular kilometres. South Africa has three capital cities.
  6. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia, officially the dominion of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia constituting the sizable majority of the Arabian Peninsula. With a land location of approximately 2,150,000 km2, Saudi Arabia is geographically the most important sovereign kingdom in Western Asia, the second-biggest inside the Arab world, the fifth-largest in Asia, and the 12th-largest inside the international. 
  7. South Sudan: South Sudan, officially referred to as the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked us of a in East-important Africa. It’s far bordered to the east with the aid of Ethiopia, to the north via Sudan, to the west by using the significant African Republic, to the southwest by using the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south by using Uganda and to the southeast by Kenya. South Sudan received independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011, making it the most recent sovereign kingdom or united states with considerable recognition. Its capital and largest metropolis is Juba.
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