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Antalya Markets and Best Shopping Places


What distinguishes the shopping in Antalya?

The city of Antalya is one of the most famous Turkish tourist cities. It is the most popular among tourists from all countries of the world for several reasons. The most important of these reasons are the presence of beautiful nature, many large tourist resorts that meet all the needs of tourists, and old heritage and historical monuments.

There is another reason for the high interest of tourists to visit the city of Antalya. This reason is the large number of markets, malls, and various popular markets. There are many different products in these markets, whether these products are local or international in addition to the large number of markets and Malls. These markets are also located in the middle of the city, making it easy for tourists to reach them.

Markets and commercial centers provide all the needs of tourists, so there is a great demand for them by tourists when visiting Antalya.  Tourists also buy a lot of souvenirs for their family and friends in which this trip remains in their memory. Also, the goods and products in Antalya markets are distinguished by their very cheap prices. There is a great demand for buying from these markets and commercial centers.

What are the most famous markets of Antalya:

Laura Street Antalya Market

Laura Street Market is located in the Murat Pasha district, which overlooks the Mediterranean coast. This makes it a strategic and important place to attract tourists. Therefore, Laura Street Market is one of the most important and popular markets in Antalya. This market opens on Saturdays of every week only, and it is covered with a large number of umbrellas to protect tourists from heat or cold.

Laura Street Market provides a lot of different products, such as foodstuffs, clothes, perfumes, souvenirs, household goods, and others. Also, it is one of the popular markets, which attracts the interests of tourists and local citizens because of the cheapness of goods in this market.

The main market in Antalya

The main market, or as it is called the Wednesday market, is one of the main markets in the city of Antalya. It is characterized by the fact that most of its goods are clothes, as international brand clothes that are sold at cheaper prices than in other markets and stores.

Various types of merchandise, household goods, and foodstuffs such as fruits, meat, vegetables, general purposes, personal necessities, and others are also sold.

The main market is covered with a roof where it protects tourists and citizens from heat and cold. Locating in the middle of Antalya, this market opens on Wednesday only, as this day witnesses a great demand for the main market from tourists and local citizens due to the availability of high-quality products and cheaper prices than other markets and stores. 

Kaleiçi Antalya Market

Kaleiçi Market is characterized by the fact that it is built in the beautiful Ottoman style, in addition to its merging with the modern style of construction.

Kaleiçi Market is located inside a castle in the old city of Antalya, where there are many historical and heritage monuments in this castle. This importance came as  Kaleici market is located in the center of Antalya and within the old city.

There are many restaurants, shops, and cafes in Kaleiçi Market and many small shops on both sides of the narrow streets of Kaleiçi Market. These shops sell clothes, food, and sweets of all kinds. Artifacts and spices are also sold. There are also restaurants famous for preparing traditional Turkish dishes and delicious seafood in Kaleiçi Market.

Ozdilek Park Shopping Mall

Ozdilek Park Shopping Center was opened in 2009. It was designed and built to suit tourists and citizens and meet all their needs, and it provides shopping pleasure for its visitors. Also, Kepez, which is located near the international airport, is also well located in the city of Antalya, so it has become one of the most important areas and shopping centers that attract a large number of tourists.

The area of ​​Ozdilek Park Shopping Center is 38,752 square meters, and there are approximately 118 shops in this area. This center provides the ability to rent shops. It also consists of two floors for parking and 4 floors for shops and entertainment.

Ozdilek Park Shopping Center was built in the modern architectural style, which gives it beauty, attractiveness, and lightness. Many shops are selling international and Turkish brands of goods and services, and there is a special section for recreational areas such as a special section for children’s games and a special section for electronic games. Also, there are also many restaurants that offer a lot of traditional and Western Turkish food, and cafes spread in the center that offer all kinds of drinks.

Ozdilek Park Shopping Center is one of the most famous places in Antalya, especially for young people because of the mall’s proximity to the university. It is the first mall and shopping center in Antalya and the second in Turkey that has received an ISO certificate.

TerraCity Mall

Terra City Mall is the largest in Antalya. It consists of a number of floors and includes nearly 150 shops and entertainment, which offer a large number of different products of local and international brands.

Besides the presence of a large number of shops, there are also a number of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks. there is also a section for electronic devices that are sold at a very cheap price compared to the external prices. There are also many entertainment places such as a cinema hall, a children’s section, and a famous supermarket called Migros, which provides a large number of different and good quality food products and commodities.

The mall is also surrounded by many other restaurants and cafes outside the mall. The mall is open throughout the week from ten in the morning until eight in the evening, except on Sundays.

The Mall of Antalya

The mall of Antalya is located near the international airport and next to another mall, Depo Outlet Mall, which makes this mall a suitable place for shopping for people who have a travel appointment. Moreover, this allow the tourists to do their shopping before leaving the city of Antalya.

The mall of Antalya consists of two levels and contains approximately 144 shops that sell a variety of products of international and local Turkish brands with good quality and cheap prices. There are also entertainment areas such as cinemas, a dining area, and a large playground for children in an area with approximately 1600 meters. Also, there is a very large car park that can accommodate approximately 3000 cars.

Agora Shopping Center

Agora Shopping Center is characterized by being built in a distinct and new architectural way where there are two indoor and outdoor shopping areas to enjoy the fun shopping in the open air.

Agora Shopping Center is located next to the Depo Outlet Mall in Kepez, which is located in the center of the tourist city of Antalya. There are many shops in this mall that provide visitors with a lot of different products and merchandise of high quality of international and local brands such as clothes, electronic devices, shoes Women’s accessories, and etc.

There are also entertainment areas inside the mall, including cinemas, children’s areas, a bowling alley. In addition to that, there are a number of cafes and restaurants serving traditional and Western food and drinks.

Agora Mall is open from ten in the morning until eight in the evening throughout the week, except for Sunday which is a holiday.

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