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6 Latest Trends of Eyebrow Microblading Every Aesthetician Should Know


You might have been a part of microblading. Especially women who have encountered some professional services. Micro blading is an Art that needs to be perfected over a period of time. The procedure is preferred by many; however, not everyone can deliver the same results. 

 To build yourself as an artist is not an easy job. One has to keep doing the task and be updated with the latest trends in this service. Many people ask complicated questions about microblading and as a professional you need to answer all of them. 

Your Questions Answered

If you are on this piece of content, you must be an aspiring professional of this service. If you are looking for a microblading course, this is the perfect place that you have come to. In this article, we will mention all the latest trends in this industry and accordingly you can choose the course.

It’s very updated with the latest trends as once you start to deliver services, the customers will expect hi proficiency. Otherwise, there won’t be much difference in your service and your competitors. So, let’s start with the latest trends in the market when it comes to micro blading. 

The Latest Trends

  • Front strokes our microbladed in the last

The best way is to microblade the front strokes in the last. The starting point is Four strokes from the front or the tail. It is up to the client and you if you want an eyebrow to Have an extra stroke at the front. This results in a much happier client with their eyebrows. While the other artists will give them whatever they need, we follow the best course of action right from the beginning. 

  • It’s better to use more than one blade

Since there are multiple blade brands in the market, you need to choose one. Choose only the best according to the reviews of the latest professionals in the market. It is recommended to use more than one blade and that too the U blade. The result is that you get better lines after the third pass. 

  • Headlamp and magnification

In this era, any customer will want you to Who is the latest technology. The headlamps with magnification have become basic in the modern age. You need to see the minutest details in this profession. And if you wear glasses, a Magnifier will go a long way in helping you do your task better. It helps to prevent crossing hair strokes and you don’t start high or low from other strokes. 

  • Bleeding or not bleeding?

Sometimes professionals make the customer’s skin bleed by going over the strokes for more than three times. This should not be the case. You need to find the perfect balance between the number of strokes. While some people might bleed in two strokes, some might not. If you take care of this thing, the pigment won’t spread and will heal faster. 

  • The Three point stretch

Three-point stretch is used a lot in this industry. You can use your thumb and a pointer finger with the hand that is not indulged in micro blading. It will give the customer crisper and cleaner lines. 

  • Initial mapping

This step is the most important. You need to take half an hour’s time right in the beginning to create the perfect outline. Ask the customer if they need round or pointy arches. Before starting to microblade, make sure that the eyebrows are straight and symmetric. The result is a better symmetry in the eyebrows. 

  • Decide where to start the strokes

After mapping, it’s your decision on where to start strokes. You can start from anywhere. But we recommend starting from the front on both the eyebrows and then going on to the tail.  

With these six tips, you’re good to go with your choice of Eyebrow microblading course. If they provide all these tips and tricks, you can go with it.

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