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6 Best Home Remedies for Teeth Sensitivity


Sensitive teeth can be painful… Sometimes way more painful than we think.

Teeth sensitivity is one of the common dental health troubles people suffer from. This pain usually arises when your teeth come in contact with something really cold or hot. 

There are many prominent causes of tooth sensitivity. The most common reason behind the toothache is the removed enamel or the exposed sensory nerves of the tooth. Other than this displaced filling, cracked tooth or gum diseases may also result in tooth sensitivity.  

Sometimes teeth sensitivity results in mild discomfort or other times this can be really troubling. I remember my brother who used to suffer from tooth sensitivity eventually went to the best dentist in Lahore because the pain was unbearable to a greater extent. 

Home Remedies for Teeth Sensitivity

No matter what causes it, teeth sensitivity is hard to deal with. There are many options people come across when they start to experience the pain. However, home remedies are our absolute favourite in this regard. If you are also suffering from tooth sensitivity, then here are some of the remedies that can be your great help. These include:

1- Salt Water Rinsing

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is one of the most effective solutions against tooth sensitivity. These saltwater rinses are effective because they can help to reduce pain. Saltwater is a natural antiseptic solution that is one powerful tool against the inflammation that could be worsening your teeth sensitivity.

How to Do Salt Water Rinses?

All you need to do is take one teaspoon in lukewarm water and mix it thoroughly. Then you have to take the solution and swish it in your mouth for almost 30 seconds before spitting it out. Do this twice a day to relieve the symptoms of tooth sensitivity. 

2- Hydrogen Peroxide

Yes, the same solution you have seen in your chemistry labs during school. 

Just like salt water, hydrogen peroxide is known to be effective in case of teeth sensitivity. Hydrogen peroxide is again an antiseptic in nature that helps to reduce inflammation and can make you free of tooth sensitivity trouble. Just like salt water, you need a tablespoon of this commercially available mixture and add it to lukewarm water and throw it out after swishing it for 303 seconds in your mouth.

3- Apply Cold

Sometimes the pain due to tooth sensitivity can be quite troubling. 

To deal with this pain, you can apply cold on the affected painful area. The application of cold can help you to deal with this troubling pain. You can take a few ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth and keep it on your mouth area that is causing the pain. In this way, a cold compress can be one of the effective pain remedies for teeth sensitivity. 

4- Onion

Next in the list of home remedies for sensitive teeth comes the use of onion. Onion is something you use in your everyday cooking. Just like other health benefits of onion towards better hair growth, there is a profound role onion plays towards sensitive tooth pain relief. 

All you need to do is to take a piece of onion and place it in the hurtful area. After a few minutes, you will get some relief from the toothache that is way too troubling for you to deal with, otherwise.

5- Turmeric

Turmeric, I am sure you already know turmeric as one of the best anti-inflammatory compounds. Turmeric can help to fight the inflammation either if it’s in your joints or anywhere else. This is the exact same reason to use turmeric for sensitive teeth pain relief. You can simply massage the crushed turmeric on the sensitive teeth that are causing the pain to get relief. 

6- Other Remedies for Sensitivity Pain Relief

There are many other home remedies such as the use of vanilla extract, green tea, clove oil etc. that can make sensitive teeth pain better to a greater extent. However, whenever using any of these things make sure you don’t overuse it and spit it out carefully. 

Bottom Line!

Sensitive teeth can be a huge problem. Though the extent and severity of pain can vary from person to person it can be really difficult to manage. All these home remedies can be a great help in dealing with troubling pain. Other than this, there are many other tips that can help you. These include:

  • Choosing soft toothbrushes that aren’t damaging for your teeth
  • Switch to a sensitive toothache paste to protect your teeth
  • Use good dental practices to prevent damage to your dental health. 

However, if none of these works for you, then it is better to visit your dentist as soon as you begin to experience these signs. Your dentist can help you to make a wise decision regarding your dental health.

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