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4 Secrets to Maximising Your Sneaker Value Revealed


Buying sneakers is no longer just a fashion statement. Today, more people are buying pairs of this footwear for investment. The resale value of some types of sneakers like Nike’s Jordan shoes can reach staggering price tags. So if you want to maximise your investment, you need to take care of them properly so you can sell them in the market as soon as you no longer want to wear them. 

Selling Air Jordans can be a lucrative business. However, you need to consider that several factors determine the footwear’s price. So follow these brilliant tips if you plan to maximise your sneaker’s resale value. 

Tip #1: Know More About Your Shoe

The first rule when selling your sneakers is to understand what you are selling. Next, you need to know if your pair belongs to the list of limited-release footwear to see if it has a higher value in the market. Some of the most exclusive and rarest Air Jordans you can find include the Air Jordan 1 WINGS for the Future, the Air Jordan 4 Undefeated, and the Air Jordan 2010 Silver Anniversary. If you own one of these at a retail price, you can resell it at a much higher value. 

Aside from the rarity, the worth of your Jordan shoes may vary. It could be based on its colourway and its designer.  

Tip #2: Keep Your Shoes In Pristine Condition  

When selling used footwear, you will increase its resale value by keeping it clean and in a presentable condition. The cleanliness of the footwear may make or break the sale since no one would like to buy a smelly pair of dirty shoes. 

So before putting an ad for your old pair of Air Jordans, you need to clean it from the inside and out. You may use an old toothbrush to remove all the visible dirt and grime on the pair’s soles, then use antibacterial wipes on the inside parts. It is also best to consider the material of the sneakers to know how to clean them properly. 

Tip #3: Learn How to Take Nice Pictures 

Advertising your prized footwear requires posting enticing photos to attract your target customers. However, buyers only trust the product to see the actual picture most of the time. So avoid getting stock photos from the Internet and take the images of the actual product to prove to the potential clients you have the product unhand. 

You need to take photos of the shoe from different angles. It would be best to show them the tags and the original box to prove their authenticity. You may also display a photo of the item’s flaws, if any, so the buyers will know what to expect. Most importantly, you need to avoid showing your hands or wearing the pair to prevent losing value. 

Bonus Tip: Buy at Retail! 

If you want to enjoy the most value for your money, you must buy precious sneakers from leading retail stores. They often sell the most affordable and high-quality footwear. However, you need to act fast once you find potentially valuable shoes because they run out as soon as they appear on the store shelves.  

Investing in sneakers can be a rewarding venture. You only need to take care of your footwear if you intend to wear them before reselling it in the market to maintain its cleanliness and quality. 

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