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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


There are many digital marketing agencies out there, but not all of them are worth your time.

Working with a digital marketing agency is a great way to get your company or brand out there and reach the masses. They provide you with the expertise that you need to grow your business.

There are different types of digital marketing agencies that offer different services. Some specialize in SEO, others in social media and others in content creation. It’s important for businesses to choose an agency that can help them achieve their goals and make sure they are getting the most out of their money when they hire one.

Now, before you make a decision on which agency to hire, you should be prepared to ask potential ones a few questions. Their answers can help you decide whether to hire them or not.

Here are three questions you should ask when you’re about to hire a digital marketing agency.

1. What is their experience in digital marketing?

First, you should find out about the agency’s past experience.

The agency’s experience will depend on the type of service they provide. For example, if they are in the business of website design and development then you can expect them to have a good amount of experience in this field.

If it is for SEO, then you can expect them to have more experience in the field of the best SEO tools and be able to recommend a few.

See, the digital marketing industry is full of many players. Some agencies are more reputable than others, and some have a bigger name. It’s important to vet an agency before you hire them for your project.

In finding out about an agency’s experience, ask about their services and how they work with clients, as well as what kind of experience they have in the field. You should also look for references who can speak to the quality of their work and whether or not they are a good fit for your company’s needs.

2. What are their past clients like?

You’ll want to know what the agency’s past clients are like. Maybe you could even find out who those clients were or are.

If they can reveal some names to you, that will give you an idea of who else has found this agency worthy of working with and paying.

Of course, every experience will be different, but you might even be able to contact some of those clients for some honest feedback on working with the agency. Those businesses have no reason to lie. If they had a good experience, they will want to share that. The same applies if they had a bad one.

3. How long have they been in business?

Finally, you should find out how long the agency has been around.

It isn’t that newer businesses can’t be trusted. It’s just that you need to know about the agency’s track record. If the agency is new, how can they prove their worth to you? Are they stable enough to stick around for the long term?

All of these questions can help you decide whether to spend money hiring a certain digital marketing agency.

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