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Pros And Cons of IT Staffing Agencies in 2022


There are advantages and disadvantages to every business. While working with IT staffing agencies saves the hassle of hiring candidates and other facets, it comes with a few drawbacks. Technology staffing companies work for their clients and prioritize finding the best fit for a vacant position but is the process as cool as it seems? Let’s find out the pros and cons of partnering with IT staffing agencies.


Cost Saving: By availing of the services of some of the best IT staffing agencies, organizations can save a lot of money in various ways. Recruiting an employee, especially for a full-time role, is tedious. Hiring involves a lot of time and energy, from posting on job boards to screening and shortlisting potential candidates to the subsequent processes. The staffing agencies deal with the entire hiring process, from pre-employment testing to background investigations to interviews to drug screening. With technology staffing solutions, the organizations can take a backseat while the staffing agency does the work. By hiring a staffing agency to do their job, businesses also save money related to the expense of payroll processing, which ultimately benefits the organizations in the longer run.

Time-Saving: When an employee parts ways with a company, the workload increases on other employees to fill in for the vacant position. This often leads to hampering employees’ productivity, thus resulting in delayed output. Hiring an employee is a time-consuming process, and studies suggest the average time taken to recruit for a vacant position in the IT sector is around 56 days. However, partnering with one of the best IT staffing agencies can reduce this duration significantly. The staffing agencies have a solid bench strength with the immediate availability of the candidates. The staffing agencies work closely with their clients to company culture, which helps them bring on board the most suitable candidate for the vacant position.

Quality Talent Pool: The staffing agencies are always loaded with qualified candidates. They have a database of pre-screened candidates ready to take up a suitable role when the time comes. The perks of contracting a staffing agency give access to a diverse talent pool that is unavailable otherwise to an organization looking to hire a candidate to fill a vacancy.

Network: Not having a staffing agency by your side also limits your organization’s reach. A staffing agency will have a broader network of available workers irrespective of geographies compared to an employer. The candidates are pre-screened, have worked on previous projects, and are identified as dependable candidates. This gives staffing agencies the leverage to fill a vacant position in days, if not hours.

Retention: There is flexibility and agility when working closely with a tech staffing agency. Employers that utilize the services of staffing companies get a chance to offer the temporary employee a permanent job after observing employee performance, qualifications, and work habits.


Time-Consuming Training: The temporary workers hired via tech staffing agencies often lose getting the required training to complete a job. IT staffing agencies may not have the time to train all the employees as efficiently as they would prepare a full-time worker. This is one area where the staffing agencies lack.

Company Culture: Another area of concern for an employee hired through the staffing agency is the team bonding between the full-time and temporary staff. Every company has its style and culture, and it may not be possible for the new or temporary recruits to gel well with the existing workers. Another factor apart from team bonding is the discrepancy in benefits between the full-time and temporary employees.

Employer Branding: It takes ages to build a brand, and talent recruitment can be one of many reasons to gain a reputation. When contracting a staffing agency, the brand-building process gets affected as the outsourcing company gets the credit after every successful hire.

Choosing the Right Staffing Agency: There are numerous staffing agencies worldwide, but finding the right partner is a big challenge. A staffing agency provides a helping hand in recruiting the most qualified talent for the organization, saving time and money in the process. However, a few impactful staffing agencies do exist that adequately deliver the right results. While choosing a staffing agency, the business must ensure its reliability and reputation before moving ahead.


The advantages of having a tech staffing company by your side to recruit for you outweigh the disadvantages. The staffing agencies do have the capability to give you that extra cushioning in assisting in getting the job done. Sometimes even the best tech recruiting agency may fail, while a lesser-known emerges as the dark horse. So, choose your IT staffing agency wisely.

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